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Free InSerivce Programs for Teachers

Designed for today’s teachers, our free In-Service Programs provide quick and easy tools for stress relief.

When faculty and staff can reduce their stress level inside, the external stressors of unruly kids, long hours, meager pay, supplies and equipment needs, etc, are more manageable. 

Quality of life improves along with quality of work. The ultimate beneficiaries are your students! 

Free Programs Offered

Each 45-minute program teaches several tools which can easily be integrated into a busy day. We offer five different In-Service Programs:  

 - Simple Stretching 

 - Simple Relaxation 

 - Simple Breathing 

 - Simple Sitting

 - Simple Stillness

Scientifically Proven

All of our tools are drawn from the science of biofeedback as well as modern research on the value of stretching, breathing and stillness. Everything we teach is easy, practical, non-sectarian, accessible to all and immediately effecitve. 

We only need chairs, the chairs that your faculty and staff would sit in for any meeting. No special clothing or equipment is needed. 

Some activities are done seated while others are done standing for brief periods. Nothing will make you strain or sweat. Everything can be done by anyone who can walk, and we can adapt most tools for anyone who is mobility-impaired.  

Averaging 60 seconds, any of these tools can be used between classes, on a break or at home.  

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